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"If you wanna go higher, go deeper"


As companies are facing major transformations, high growth ambitions or severe market disruptions, business leadership requires tremedous courage and much more than strong strategic thinking and agile execution skills. Altissima's vision has its roots in the latin ethymology of its name, meaning "the deepest things", but also "the highest things". At Altissima, we believe that the highest achievements are enabled by leaders who are drawing the deepest of themselves to inspire others and help them unveiling the energy and talents rooted in their teams. We are convinced that today’s economic challenges require a strong value-based leadership to create the culture of trust and respect, self accomplishment and innovation, which will enable a balanced economic, social and environmental value creation for the long term and the common good. These are the values that Altissima stands for.


Inspired by this vision, Altissima's mission is to help mid-size companies in retail services to achieve significant growth or transformation challenges, through strategic advice, leadership support for the Executive team, transition management or longer term leadership assignments. 

Vision et mission
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